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Current Issue

July-December 2021| Vol 10| Issue 2

Original Article

A single bout of cycling exercise effects on short-term memory

Introduction: Exercise plays a role in enhancing neurogenesis and brain plasticity. Actively involved in musculoskeletal and cardiovascular activities at moderate intensity influences brain sys...

Original Article

Relationship of sedentary behaviour and body composition of university student-athletes

Background: Sedentary behaviour is a major health concern not only for the general population but for athletes as well. Young athletes are considered highly active individuals due to the traini...

Original Article

Comparison between traditional resistance training and whole-body electrical stimulation in improving muscular strength

Background: Greater muscular strength can enhance the ability to perform general sports skills such as jumping, sprinting, and direction tasks. Resistance Training (RT) is broadly applied by st...

Original Article

Effects of coconut sport gel on hydration measures, cognitive performance and anaerobic capacity in soccer players: A double-blind, randomised, cross-over study

Purpose: This study examined the effects of coconut sports gel (CSG) on hydration measures, cognitive performance and anaerobic capacity in soccer players. Materials and Methods: Seven ...

Original Article

Exercise intensity and enjoyment response of selected traditional games in children

Background: Given that few children engage in the minimal requirement of moderate-to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), traditional games have been promoted as one of the strategies to improve ...

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